When we come through your door, everything we do is in the interest of getting your company and employees back on track as quickly as possible.

Where does CIES deploy services?

We take our services right to your site — whether it be an office setting or a construction site. For companies who are located outside of our service region, we are able to provide immediate video conferencing services.

When are your hours of service?

We are available 24 hours a day.

What qualifications do CIES counselors have?

All on-site CIES counselors have (at a minimum) a master’s degree in behavioral health. If trauma counseling is needed, the deployed counselors will also have additional specialized training in this area. The majority of our site counselors have 10 years or more of experience.

Do you provide same-day services?

We do provide same-day services if the request is made early enough in the day for our team to deploy the needed resources.

How does CIES handle confidentiality?

Every member of our team operates with the utmost discretion, and we are more than happy to sign your company’s confidentiality agreement. CIES will never share the name of your organization or any other information without your expressed written consent. Logistical data (e.g. the number of employees interviewed) may be communicated among our team as needed, but otherwise, information shared by your organization or employees is held in the strictest confidence.

Does CIES offer strategic management consultations for company leaders?

Absolutely. Our team provides strategic business management consultations to help organizations successfully navigate through big changes, performance dips, or any organizational challenges.

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