Protecting from Crime in the Workplace

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Take The Right Precautions

As much as we like to think crime in the workplace is virtually nonexistent — it’s where we spend a large majority of our waking hours, after all, so it’s no surprise most of us like to think of it as a bit of a safe space — the fact of the matter is that it does exist. But there are a few precautions you can take to help prevent crime from happening before it becomes an issue.


Lock it up.

If you bring a purse or bag with your valuables in it — things like wallets, keys, phones — keep them locked up when you’re not around. Leaving easily snatchable items out for the taking is an open invitation for would-be thieves.


Identify strangers.

Is there someone wandering your office that you don’t recognize? Don’t be afraid to ask who they are, if they’re a guest, whom they are there to see, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching them yourself, you can always ask someone else — your office security, if you have it — to speak with them.


Label your belongings.

Sometimes “crime” can be a simple mix-up. If you bring in personal items, such as coffee mugs or dishes, make sure they’re clearly labeled so there’s less of a chance that they’ll be swiped. If it was intentionally taken, at least the label makes it easily identifiable.


Report malfunctions.

A flickering or broken light may not seem like a huge deal, but depending on the location, it can help facilitate criminal activity. Likewise, doors with broken locks should be reported immediately; particularly if they’re supposed to be locked at all times, saying nothing is akin to laying a key under the doormat and inviting criminals to enter.


Don’t overshare.

You might be excited about an upcoming vacation, but be wary about sharing this information with customers. It may seem like a simple anecdote to connect with them on a more personal level, but you don’t always know their intentions. Knowing you’ll be out of the office could give thieves an in.


Reach Out To Our Team Today

So, what do you do in the event that crime does strike at work, despite any precautions you take? That’s where we come into the picture. The experts at Critical Incidents Employer Services are specifically trained to help with crises and the aftermath, and that includes crime in the workplace. Big or small, being the victim of a crime — directly or indirectly — can be a traumatizing experience, and that includes crime in the workplace. Our team of counselors can help your team learn how to cope with their feelings after experiencing such close-hitting trauma.

In the aftermath of criminal activity at the office, let us help make your workplace feel like a safe space once again. Contact us today for immediate help or reach out to learn more about our services – we’d be happy to help!

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