What is a Critical Incident in the Work Place?

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Stress in the workplace is common—but there are some instances that involve significant crises that could put workers at elevated risk for physical, mental and emotional repercussions. These situations are referred to as critical incidents and, if not addressed quickly and expertly, they could have a serious effect on your workforce and, ultimately, your bottom line. Before developing a plan to manage such risks, it’s important to first answer what is a critical incident so that you can be prepared to offer assistance to your workers and keep your company on track for success. For additional guidance look to the team at Critical Incidents Employer Services  to help you along the way.


What is a critical incident?

A critical incident is considered to be any situation out of the typical workplace experience. According to the World Health Organization, such situations are often sudden and unexpected; they could involve a threat to life, as well as physical or emotional loss. There is a wide range of circumstances that could fall into this category. For instance, a crime at the workplace, sudden death of a team member or organizational crisis may all be critical incidents. A traumatic event such as a workplace shooting or homicide would certainly be categorized as such, but a critical incident may also be less volatile, such as a layoff, in which a worker may fear the loss of his or her livelihood and economic stability. Critical incidents can occur in any workplace, in any industry, but some job sectors are more at risk because of the nature of the work, such as law enforcement, first responders, military and healthcare workers.


What can employers do if faced with a critical incident?

There is a critical time period after such an incident in which employers must act swiftly and decisively in order to provide employees the assistance they need. Critical Incident Employer Services, LLC can provide expert guidance and services to help organizations get their workers back on their feet. From acts of terrorism to workplace violence, the experts at CIES have spent more than 17 years helping employers navigate all types of challenges, ensuring the organization is investing time and attention on its workers’ mental health needs. With a dedicated partner like CIES, employers can relieve the stress and tension that a critical incident will bring, help workers recover and restore the health of the workforce and the organization.

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